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My Jailbreak Tweaks

Back in February of last year, my friends convinced me to jailbreak my phone (iPhone XS). This was something I was on the edge about, but after unc0ver came out which supported my phone, I decided to give it a shot. Here’s my experience with a jailbroken phone for the last 18 months and why I’ll be updating to iOS 15 in the fall.

Post-Round Decision Making in Valorant

POV: you’re in a 1v4 clutch with only a Classic. The enemy have Vandals, Spectres, and a Yoru with a Shorty. However, because right-clicking exists, you easily win the 1v4 but are left with a crucial choice that may decide the outcome of the game: do you plant the spike or pick up the Vandal?

Unnamed Collection of Random and (Somewhat) Interesting Things

This is a collection of random and (somewhat) interesting things that is a little bit like Tom Scott’s series on “Things You Might Not Have Known.” I’ll be finding one thing every day and updating this post accordingly. My plan is to see how long I can go without dropping a day.

Never Gonna Give- Wait, What?

Ah yes, the obligatory monthly post. Even though my posting schedule is inconsistent, I’m never gonna give it up… just like how Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up.

Rickrolling is one of my favorite internet trolls because of its simplicity and success rate. People get “rick rolled” when “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley is played unexpectedly, whether it’s through a disguised link or an unrelated video that cuts to the song.

Challenging Space to a Basketball 1v1

The subreddit r/TheyDidTheMath has a bunch of useless math calculations for real world “applications.” It’s quite similar to Fermi Questions, my favorite Science Olympiad event. Last night, I saw an xkcd that made me want to check it’s math.

Status Update 6-26

Wow, no blog post in a week? What’s been going on? Well, not a lot. But also quite a bit. This is going to be less of a “normal blog post” and more of a “here’s a random list of things I did.” I’m also going to be trying out the Table of Contents, which should appear to the right above the menu.

How Precise Do Numbers Have to Be?

Last night (technically this morning at like 4 am), I randomly thought about this tweet I saw a day ago: Hi, Twitter. This is the magic of an 84" softbox. pic.twitter.com/VP5GOgSQI9 — Jackson Hayes (@jacksonhvisuals) June 11, 2020 I thought back to when I shot a video in my room and got a similar lighting effect as that.